The LTPA is a locally-owned company serving elementary children in the Ottawa region since 1994. In partnership with the school boards, we are proud to have expanded our programs over the years and now provide exciting, educational and family friendly programs in over 40 elementary schools.

Our mission is to offer programs that appeal to young children and meet the needs of their parents. Our programs are designed around the children having fun in a supportive environment where they build their self-esteem and confidence. Our motto of “Students helping Students” is about promoting positive social interaction among the children so that every child will learn and benefit from teamwork, fair-play, and friendship. Our programs give parents the peace of mind and trust that their children are growing in a safe, nurturing and structured environment, under the care of qualified supervisors and certified trainers. Bullying or negative criticism from any child will not be tolerated. Our staff will address all issues and will attempt to rectify the problem immediately.

Our staff are selected based not only on their skills and qualifications, but also on their genuine care for children and their career aspirations of working with children. All our staff is provided with training to work within LTPA protocol and guidelines, and everyone must pass a police background check.

In partnership with the school boards and the elementary schools, we offer a variety of programs and activities that would otherwise be inaccessible to a lot of the children. We also appreciate the challenges of fundraising faced by the schools, children and their parents. To support this effort, we are happy to give back to the schools through a donation for each child registered in a LTPA program at a particular school.

Franco and Daniela Colletti
Owners of LTPA

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