This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page provides answers to some of the common questions we get. If you can’t find an answer here, please feel free to contact us with your question.

Why should I register online?
By registering online with your LTPA account, you will be able to quickly and easily register to LTPA programs and have access to your registrations history for records purposes. You will also be able to update your account information so we can administer the programs with up to date information.

How do I get an LTPA account?
You can sign up for an LTPA account when you register to an LTPA program for the first time. This is done at the checkout stage of program registration.

Can I get an account without registering to an LTPA program?
The account sign up process requires personal information that we need to run our programs safely. Therefore, accounts are set up only for customers who register to LTPA programs.

How do I pay with online registrations?
You can pay by cheque or credit card. To pay by cheque, select “Offline Payment” for the Payment Type at the Checkout stage. To pay by credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Amex), select “Paypal” for the Payment Type. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay by credit card. You have the option of setting up a Paypal account so you can pay through your Paypal account.

Why is Paypal involved?
Paypal (www.paypal.com) is a reputable company that provides a convenient and secure way to make online purchases and payments. Paypal provides a secure infrastructure for you to enter your credit card information and complete your online payment. No credit card information is stored with your online LTPA account. If you choose to pay through your Paypal account, you can go through the payment process quicker, ie. without having to type in all your credit card information.

Why am I having trouble seeing or selecting my program options?
At launch, this site was tested to the latest available versions of the popular internet browsers, including Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6 and Safari 5. For the best browser experience, please make sure that you have updated your browser to one of these versions.

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